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Prepaid Block of Hours                                                                                          

PC SAVED.COM recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” for IT.  Whereas most of our clients choose a monthly managed service plan we know that it may not meet your IT need and budget.  PC SAVED.COM has designed a plan specific for those who want the best of both worlds…. Discounted labor rate, but also want guaranteed response times to fix your nagging issues.  If this is the case than a block of hours agreement is for you!

A Block of Time is a cost effective plan in which PC SAVED.COM will take care of all your IT support requests. By choosing this plan you would purchase pre-paid Blocks of Time (10, 20, and, 40). This plan is priced lower than our On Demand Support and eliminates travel fees. The larger Block of Time you purchase for your company, the better the discount!

Upon a service call request, whether it is on-site or remote, your time will be accurately tracked, indicating the type of service performed and the amount of time used. The time used will be deducted from your pre-paid Block of Time. You will receive a statement of all support activity on a monthly basis, so you know exactly how many hours you have remaining. A Block of Time agreement can be used for any service provided by PC SAVED.COM. This contract option works well for companies that require more frequent computer service. It is a simple and flexible approach to obtaining professional IT computer services. However, this type of support does not monitor your network or perform proactive maintenance.

PC SAVED.COM Block of Hours Agreement provides:

  • 24x7x365 Support Available!
  • 4 Hour guaranteed response!
  • No expiration of the hours!
  • No travel charges!
  • Remote support is billed at quarter increments.
  • Onsite support is billed at a minimum of one hour.
  • After Hours support is available for an extra charge (outside of 9 am to 5 pm) at $75 an hour.

10 Hours block of time:   $450

20 Hours block of time:   $900

40 Hours block of time: $1800


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Blocks of Hours

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