Can the Data From a Broken Computer Be Saved??

Junge Frau mit ComputerThere’s never a great time to have a computer break or a hard drive fail, but technology does seem to have a knack for going haywire at the perfectly wrong moment. And so, it isn’t that unusual for us to get an urgent call about a presentation that needs to be saved, client records that have gone missing, or other data that seem to have been ruined and lost on a failing computer.

When that happens, the first question is always the same: Can we save the data from a broken computer?

The short answer is “it depends.” In many cases, we are able to use what we know about data recovery to pull old files from damaged or broken hard drives. But, there are two things you should know:

First, that data recovery isn’t an exact science. Clients like to think that we put broken computers and damaged hard drives into some sort of “magic machine” that automatically pulls the information out. That’s not how it works. The reality is that it takes a mixture of equipment, experience, and technical know-how, and that data recovery projects are most often partially successful.

You should never try to fix a broken hard drive or computer yourself. To understand why, think about what happens when you try to drive a car on a flat tire – you don’t just make slow progress, you also increase the damage to the tire and wheel at the same time. By trying to use a computer with a damaged hard drive, you force the disk to spin and risk making the problem worse than it originally was.

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