testimonial-post-1Satisfied customers  are the most important resource. By providing key business strategies and solutions, our clients succeed in becoming more secure, improving service to their customers, and building their businesses. Take a moment to view the testimonials below and hear how PC Saved is helping companies build a better business.


“An integral part of my business is the functionality and workability of my IT systems. If my systems arent working, its total chaos! However, I have had PCSAVED.COM for years now… and it’s true, “frustration is gone with PCSAVED.COM”. I trust Roman with all of my IT work and he has never let me down. Always efficient, always on time and in budget– I would never go anywhere else.”

Michael E Covert


Covert Aire

“While working here at The Lightpost/Lowcountry Originals in Bluffton, SC, I have had numerous opportunities to contact Roman at PCSAVED. He gets back to us here as quickly as he possibly can; however, if there’s going to be a delay, Roman lets us know. I tell him he must be a ninja because he often shows up so silently!vActually, Roman has been a big help and in particular I appreciate answers to questions I might have along the way (mainly because I’m just curious and have a need to know).”

Sharon B. Butcher

“PC SAVED.com is the place to go for your IT Support needs! I have gone to PC Saved for all my IT problems (and I have had more than a few). Their customer service and attention to detail are excellent. Roman Larionov is always a pleasure to deal with and is more than knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects in the IT field. My problems have been solved swiftly and I have never had any additional issues regarding any work they have performed. I don’t know where our business would be without PCSAVED.com and I highly recommend them to anyone!”

Chase Ferch

The Castle Group


“As a veteran of the mortgage industry for the last twenty years, I can tell you that one of the most far-reaching changes I have witnessed is the ever-increasing use of technology.  In the 1990’s, we were saddled with dial-up connections and fax machines.  Loan packages were sent to clients and lenders via Federal Express or UPS.  Fast-forward twenty years and we have found that 99% of our business relies on our connectivity to the outside world via the internet, email, and the use of a multitude of software programs.  When we lose connectivity, our company’s production comes to a screeching halt.
Two years ago, after working with two other IT companies with less-than-ideal results, I hired Roman Larionov of PCSAVED.com to be our IT manager.  Roman immediately took the time to become familiar with our network and he has always provided cost-efficient solutions to our expanding business.  Whether he is dealing with one of our workstations, a software issue, a connectivity issue, or our servers, Roman’s knowledge and expertise has become increasingly evident.  Time and time again, Roman has kept our company moving forward by seamlessly maintaining our connectivity and keeping our network running at optimal performance.  For any business that relies on technology as heavily as we do, it is my pleasure to continue to recommend Roman Larionov and PCSAVED.com”

 Bill Fletcher


Unisource Mortgage Services

“We have used PCSAVED.COM for over two years and couldnot be more happy with the service we have received. Our business is website driven and they have been crucial to maintaining not only the site, but emails and all related equipment. I would highly recommend PCSAVED.COM.”

Noel Hutchins

Lowcountry Originals

“We were lucky enough to find Roman at the chamber Business Expo 2 years ago. At the time our office was being the arduous process of moving to a paperless office with 2 remote locations. Roman’s expertise was phenomenal, no matter what we threw at him he had the answer or got back to us with the answer within hours. From determining what equipment we needed, to installation and training, he was there for all of it. He was also the only IT person we talked with that gave us a good, better, best approach so that we could determine cost before hand.”

Marjory L. Stockwell

LDO General Manager

Dr. Michael A. Campbell, OD